to solve the challenge to create a design standard website for relatively short-term projects in a simplified process.

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the voucher is a turn-key design & create solution, a home page design online experience with functions in addition to original artwork and style design.


to create the design in an online platform, for a short time projects up to 6 weeks

To get started, ask for the voucher availability by email here> 

Process & Timeline

Getting the voucher code via online form or email inquiry

  1. Project Intake
  2. Media collection
  3. Design & iteration
  4. Review (1-2)
  5. Final delivery (4 weeks)
'This voucher is for shorter projects 3 - 6 weeks in total

Voucher price

VOUCHER CREATE Voucher Price :€1050 Web design - creation up to 5 pages Voucher Price : €750 Web design - creation for up to 3 pages *domain and a year hosting are not included.

Final Results

- The final design in a high quality media in avilable formats of pdf, psd, png, jpeg - Online experience created in an online platform (ex: wix) - Access to the platform where update, edit and upload your own domain.