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'The EyeFamily

assistive experience

Research into design of how artificial intelligence and computer vision can be an aid to people with disabilities in cases blindness and memory loss.

Two solutions were designed, EyeSense for blind users and EyeRemeber for memory and cognitive problems.

What if the machines could see and tell us what it sees; EyeSense is a solution designed for blind users to recognize people's faces or family and friends, and daily life objects around them.

The solution works also with natural language processing, so the user doesn't need to type anything; they just speak in normal daily language and ask the camera what it sees.

EyeRemember, a solution for cognitive, and memory problems. A personal companion in a form of  home installation and also a mobile application to help remember life events and objects to accomplish daily tasks easier and in more independence.

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Exploring both solutions and other possibilities at TEDx Indiana University  


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