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The EyeFamily

'The EyeFamily

assistive experience

A modern design for a personal companion answering the quest 'How to make technology that can enhance human capabilities and facilitate accomplishing daily activities.'

What if the machines could see and tell us what it sees; recognize, record memories, and organize our daily activities. 

EyeSense is a solution from the EyeFamily designed for blind users to recognize people's faces or family and friends, and daily life objects around them and speak it out in a natural dialog.

Users can speak in everyday language and ask the camera what it sees; they can ask sophisticated questions and engage in a long conversation to get to know people around them and introduce family and friends. The solution has the ability to recognize faces, age groups, gender and also everyday objects by using computer vision and artificial intelligence.

EyeRemember, a solution for cognitive, and memory challenges, works as an extended smart memory and a life organizer at the same time. A personal companion in two forms, a mobile application and a home application via TOBi screen. The solutions can save and recall life events, connect to family and friends, and also organize everyday tasks. The personalized design allows each individual to create a use case, to be able to adapt to own needs and rhythms, and fluently intervene to accomplish daily tasks.

EyeRemeber is researched and designed for aging at home and for special cases of Alzheimer's, aphasia, and some cases of dementia. Opening the horizon to be used as an everybody personal assistance without any kind of disabilities as a future technology.


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How to aid disabilities and open the horizon for the future of human - technology interaction. 

 Explaining the EyeFamily at TEDx Indiana University -  watch video here

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