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Smart Living
Integrated Technology

Safely at Home 


Smart daily experience

Reshaping the future of how we interact with technology at home and office.

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Serene' is a creative piece of art that reshapes the way we interact with our screens as a personal assistant.
 The design philosophy creates master piece scenarios for how we conduct our daily life at home and office. 

TOBi Smart Screen

Serene' Home gives the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed life with a smart piece of integrated technology. A creative piece of decoration to care, organise and entertain, in addition to being a media center for everyday life experience.

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 15.31.27.png
Serene' Home - Meditate .png
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Various ways of smart natural interaction including touch, voice interaction, and smart touch-less control such as facial expressions and hand gestures.

Serene' comes in three editions with a portfolio of apps for office, home, and for smart aging at home.

TOBI' home,  for smart living
TOBi' office,  for efficient and sustainable working 
TOBi' assistant, for growing safe at home - smart aging 


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