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creative concept
natural interaction
human-machine connection

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Can we interact with machines as we interact with each other!

What if we could interact with the media the way we interact with ourselves!

A smart screen system works with computer vision to allow natural interaction with media and screens. The system can understand and interact the way humans interact non-verbally in daily life; such as smiling to each other and communicating with gestures.

The system is capable of understanding facial coding, as a smile, sadness and anger; hand gestures. It can also differentiate between gender and estimate age groups. With this understanding to the human way of interaction, the system can interact fluently in a human like conversation.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.01_edited.jpg


'' I can see your smile, and blind people would love to see it too''

A designed social campaign to raise awareness about a new solution that can help the blind, a talkative application that can see images, , in the same time creating a happy and empathic atmosphere.

A video of the campaign at the Next Web Conference- Amsterdam.
Calling on the audience and asking for a smile to start the interaction. 


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