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XPERIA mobile

marketing experience 'SONY

One brief sentence: 'we are going to launch a new mobile edition, how can you help!', Sony said. This inspiring moment when you know that a wide canvas for creativity is open.

Sony Marketing Campaign

A designed interactive marketing experience to allow people to try and experience the new phone features without the need of touching it. 

The experience is designed in harmony and in an impressive way to evokes the wonder effect. People had the chance to stop and wonder, then go to interact and pass through different media outlets to get to know the new phone. Different creative media technologies were employed starting with a holographic display, augmented reality experience, as well as interactive displays placed in harmony during the journey. Closing the cycle, visitors had the opportunity to share their experience and also win a new phone.

Holographic disply for Sony mobile

3D 'holographic display

The concept creation and the experience design created by ID Experience and the Media content by LC media diplomacy 

Concept design

Holographic Media

Transmedia Storytelling

Interactive Experience

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