Current Projects in Experience Design 

Walk like a Pharaoh 

The approach here is a physical exercise to promote balance in walking experience based on different input from Tango dance and the ancient walk of Egypt. The result to be reflected inwardly in flow of energy and balance. 


listening as a tool to understand the human mind function and exploring to reflect.

Butterfly tango  

one flow human body.mind fluently in the flow with exploring energy to human to human connection

own ground

serch>dance>Terquanza>>>land farm school kinder animals education

money flow

>>>>>>>>> 1000 website /week - Art - Experience design ?

must voucher  - project create - > LC subsidy for small , define interest 
LOVE CREATION creation hub - ideas into projects 
Web design - identity creation - experience design
Web design - 60 cpx vs voucher   
brand creation 500

free creation

Human Factor Consultancy 
Creative direction

/creation studio  LC creative  CREATIVE'LAB 

/own-creation - floor plan - amazing creation terquanza magic /umm -calm (choose your health/longevity)-   ------   side vs home living   eric style - more travel - grow over time - life project
/complete solution : app? - home screen/big project - research project. 

portfolios lines
- research 
- interactive design
- marketing design
- media making> >
- art projects curisity> LCmagazine  engima ????


 In the background  

Past projects immersive experience
few lines what, why, how. where 

In our minds!
Immersive- holographic displays - 3d mapping 

Human design

360 cycle & immersive experience
Mockup-holographic displays - AR - Mobile - touch display 

design challenges
challenge design for blind - visual aspect is absent 

design & implantation effortless (community)

LC magazine

(challenge A-Z)

design & implantation (one man crew)

sucess story - research > initiative > vibe

holographic displays 

Exhibition tank  
Immersive- holographic displays - mobile 

Immersive- holographic displays - 3d mapping 

Two Models

March 12-20

Pop-Up Shop

500 Terry Francois Street

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