Product Design 

I worked in a wide range of products form holographic devices, wearables, and food products,
now I am focusing on myself O am the product of creation....

Fashion >>>>deep - wonder :) 
Accessory - etsaraf mafish amal keda bthrab mn el wake3 7'aleek 3amaly 
to others> everything possible 

Timeline vs priority? 

break down last time to open the limit :)

ehtam bsha3rak gedan - personal touch concern 

ehtam bsha3rak gedan - personal touch concern 

ehram youm wa7ed mis modem ay 7aga ma tenzelsh law ynfa3- ana mashy 3aks - sleep is #1

The eye
Mockup-holographic displays
touch displays

Timeline vs priority? 

Two Models

March 12-20

Pop-Up Shop

500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158