Experience Design 

Experience design is a concept that describes the core design without any certain tools or meduims involved.  the outcome is a design of a certain experience, which can have multiple examples and applications. Emotions, narratives, and dynamics can be involved in the process or the outcome of the creation take part eventually in the same design scheme. 

Experience that puts the human into the center of the interest should consider beauty and visuals in the art of the design. Nevertheless, the visual aspect is not be totally absence like designing an experience 

this require to set different aspect for the design for beauty but also to be equivalent to the human natural cognitive and physical functions

Create form a personal experience > center of the experience. 

 put it in few words the design that put the human aspect in the core center of the experience. A design that take into accounts all the human aspects involved in the experience, like the nature of the human geometry, emotion and mental aspects. Experience design can be involved in different form of design, it can be a total immersive visual experience including visual, sound, touch and smell, it can be also internal sense experience like a walking or meditation practice for example and many inspiration in-between.

Current Projects in Experience Design 

Walk like a Pharaoh 

The approach here is a physical exercise to promote balance in walking experience based on different input from Tango dance and the ancient walk of Egypt. The result to be reflected inwardly in flow of energy and balance. 


listening as a tool to understand the human mind function and exploring to reflect.

Butterfly tango  

one flow human body.mind fluently in the flow with exploring energy to human to human connection

own ground

serch home...studio....villa...>>>>>land farm school kinder animals education

money flow


Past projects immersive experience
few lines what, why, how. where 

 In the background  

In our minds!
Immersive- holographic displays - 3d mapping 

360 cycle & immersive experience
Mockup-holographic displays - AR - Mobile - touch display 

challenge design for blind - visual aspect is absent 

design & implantation (one man crew)

Human design

(challenge A-Z)

design & implantation (one man crew)

holographic displays 

Exhibition tank  
Immersive- holographic displays - mobile 

Immersive- holographic displays - 3d mapping 

Two Models

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