lCreates brands and experiences.


We are inspired by making connection between different mediums of art, design and science to create design playground. Our aim is that these connections where the experience become meaningful and joyful. 


Experience design is a wide term, it can be a marketing strategy design for a mobile phone like we did for Sony for example and it can be game or interactive immersive experience.


We enjoy doing effort with product innovation in the playground and we handle the design from different paradigms.  the product can be designed from scratch or refined in later stage maturity till it's ready with branding


Offer design service for identity creation and branding service of brand visuals like website design and creation.  

experience design -  products innovation - brand creation


research -  design - brand creation


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Product & Experience Design 

The Eye wearable camera accessory for visually impaired

In Our Mind immersive 360 experience with hologram art 

EyeSense family mobile application for cognitive behavior-

Tedx Talk Indiana University with Ahmed about the project-


Commercial Projects  

Projection mapping show on a real car for client SaangYong 2017

Fashion model hologram in a retail brand for Saatchi & Saatchi 2016

Interactive hologram installation museum at Washington DC 2015

360 Marketing campaign design and implementation for SONY mobile 2014 

Interactive marketing campaign for Ariel brand from Procter&Gamble 2014

Interactive marketing campaigns for brands Tuc, Oreo, Trident 2013

Projection Mapping Show to launch both Tuc & Oreo brands 2012-